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The Work of the Ministry

 Rick Joyner
 A map will not help us unless we know where we are on the map and where we want to go. Before we can get to where we’re going in fulfilling our purpose, we must first know where we are and where we are going. Then we can easily see the next step.

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Facing Goliath

  Dr. Lance Wallnau 
When king Saul was stuck in a stalemate with Goliath, the situation shifted the moment he inducted David into the army. 
David needed to be in the government sphere to fulfill his destiny. He needed sphere penetration and sphere authorization to do his task.

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 Rosh Hashanah, the Days of Awe, & Yom Kippur

 Judy Bauman

First, I want to encourage all of you who started the 40 day fast starting at sunset August 26, 2014 to nightfall October 4, 2014.

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The Overshadowing of the Lord 

 Keith Miller
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. 
Psalm 91:1
Life is hectic; there are deadlines to meet, long to-do lists to check off, places to be, problems to solve, and obstacles to overcome.

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The Answer Is In Your Creator 

  Lana Vawser
I sensed many walking through the wilderness, tired, raw and sore and longing for more. Many are feeling like they are wandering "aimlessly" looking for "contentment".

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 Prepare for Sudden Impact

  Doug Addison
Get ready for a sudden impact with destiny. God is moving in a greater way in your life throughout September and October. This is a time of promotion and expansion. Things God has stored up for you are being released now and the end result will be greater authority!

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 The Anointing Of Jealousy 

  Paul Keith Davis 
 The pain of the past is our preparation for the future. That is the expression I heard from the Lord in a visionary encounter a few years ago. Like Joseph, we must reconcile ourselves with the past in order to make our future more fruitful.

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"Tell Francis I Miss Him"

   Francis Frangipane
If Satan cannot distract you with worldliness, He will overwhelm you with weariness. Indeed, how easy it is to wear ourselves out; even good works done without recharging ourselves in God

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Prayer Is Stored up 

 Dr Lance Wallnau 
Prayer is often stored up in the heavens, awaiting the appropriate time of release. The Bible describes a “fullness of time” that signals a release of pent-up prayer reaching a tipping point and being poured out upon the earth.

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 I Am Re-Writing The Plans Of Man 
   Susan O'Marra
(Transcript of Prophecy given during the Prayer Watch at SOG)
Children this is My Plan: I am rewriting the plans of man. I am rewriting the laws of man. I am rewriting many things that have held My people in captivity for generations,

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 Tend the Garden of Your Heart

  Judy Bauman
An Exhortation from the Holy Spirit
“As you would tend a garden: till, plant, weed, water, treat for insects and disease; so too are you to tend the garden of your heart.[1] Weeds have a way of springing up overnight

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Put your Best Foot Forward

  Chad Taylor 

Recently in prayer as I wrestled with our current circumstances as a result of an extended stay at home following the early and unexpected arrival of our daughter Evelyn Rose Taylor,

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A Divine Invitation

  Elaine Tavolacci

In the United States, the Homeland Security Advisory System has a "color coded" terrorism threat advisory scale which displays the terror alert level.

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 Transformed by the Spirit of the Lord

  Ron McGatlin
As we are entering the age of the kingdom, dramatic and extreme changes will cause many people including many Christians to search for answers and relief.

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The Emergence Of Overcomers 

  Clay Sikes 

There is a mighty transition taking place as overcomers emerge from under the rock where they have been hidden for many years. They are coming forth as an aged eagle that hides himself in the cleft of the rock, plucking his feathers,

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Recent Visitation From GOD 

 Joni Ames 
   I had the following open vision:
I saw the hand of God reaching out to light a menorah
I then talked with and got an interpretation by my Jewish friend. Here it is:

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      1st Annual All American  Cottage Industry Expo!
      December 5 and 6  2014   10 a.m. - 5;30 p.m.

Held at Quality Inn 1600 Main St.(Rt. 64)  St Charles Il 
       Across the street from Colonial Restaurant
              Easy Access -- Plenty of Parking
       Support Be A Hero to A Hero 
Proceeds from booth fees will go to the Veterans Christmas Gifting Outreach of
 Be A Hero-To A Hero Charity for Veterans. 

or                                                                                                              Veterans Veterans living in 8 local rest homes will receive  stockings stuffed with shirts, socks. toiletries and treats for Christmas. Stockings are hand delivered by our members. 
 Many of these vets receive no other visitors so this means a lot to them.
By shopping this Cottage Industry Expo you will also 
     Support Local Artists and Entrepreneurs
Find original products and gifts Made in America by local American Artesians, 

Inventors and Authors.
Save time and money by shopping these booths filled with original and unique gifts in a 
Beautiful atmosphere.  Make it a support America Christmas!
For more information, to check for available booth space, help deliver stockings or make any donations  for stockings please call
Sgt. Robert Phillips Or  Theresa Phillips

Gail Simons



 6 ft Table is 50.00 Proceeds will go to Charity 


Is the World Falling  Apart 

  Franklin Graham 
Dear Friend,
As you watch the news, do you feel as I do—that it seems the world is coming apart at the seams? There appears to be no end to the bad news. The killing of Christians by Muslims from Indonesia to Bangladesh to Pakistan. China tearing down church buildings. Christians tortured, beheaded, and crucified in Iraq, with villages burned and churches destroyed, and much the same in Syria.

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 The Spirit Of The Lord Says " I Heard"

  Kim Clement
The Spirit of God says, My people have cried. My people have cried out for an answer and this is what I have to say, says the Spirit of Life. A veil has been placed upon this nation and I did it.

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 What is In Your Hand?
 Elaine Tavolacci
In the book of Exodus, The Lord appeared to Moses in a burning bush and asked him to go to Pharoah with a prophetic word. Moses replied, "But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice; suppose they say, 'The Lord has not appeared to you.'

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A New Door Has Opened

  Doug Addison   
A door opened in the spiritual realm
I released a prophetic word in May about sudden changes coming and the Wind of Change angel. During the weekend of May 30, a new door opened in the spiritual realm

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  As In the Days of Nehemiah - It's Begun
  Theresa Phillips
 I was at a prayer meeting when the Lord's Presence came in so strong. I heard the intercessors praying for our nation – they were crying out for wisdom for our leaders, for our President, and loving Israel at the same time.

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God Says: "America, Your Destiny Awaits!"

  Victoria Boyson
We are giving birth to a new spiritual renaissance age - the age of rebirth, revival and victory! 
In 1992, I had just given birth to my second child and I asked the Lord if

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Is Your Love Growing Cold? 

  Lance Wallnau 
"In the end of the age, because of lawlessness the love of many shall wax cold"
(Mt 24:12)
We live in the hour of increased lawlessness and love waxing cold. Why? Because a major shift has come into our country, and perhaps the world.

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Embarking on New Levels of Destiny 

  Keith Miller
The Lord wants to empower His people to embark into new levels of destiny in Him. The word embarking literally means “to go on board a vehicle or some kind of transportation;

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