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Taking Back Our Land 

Rick Joyner
  I recently had the unexpected experience of leaving Washington, D.C. encouraged. I saw change, and in the right direction. I have never given up hope on the prevailing of the American Republic or the ultimate preservation of the Constitution, but I admit I had begun to lose hope that any fundamental solutions would come from Washington.

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Finding New Fruit in Your Family Tree

  Doug Addison
One important part of my 2015 prophetic word highlights the importance of family. Did you know your greatest destiny is your children? And if you don’t have biological children, this absolutely applies to your spiritual children and the people you’ve touched.

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Empowered By His Strength

Keith Miller
In this present time, I feel a powerful increase from the Lord to empower us to move from our current ability to a new level of power strength, or a greater ability of potential in the Lord.

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A New Season

 Cindy Jacobs 
"For I would say, my Children you are coming into a new season. So do not think it's strange, when a new thing is being birthed, that you are under tremendous pressure. For there is pressure when I do new things.

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God Is Saying To Many, "Give Me A Chance To Touch Others Through You."

  I was in Lowe's this morning walking around and I overheard a lady telling someone how sick she was with sinus infection. As I kept walking the Lord spoke to me to go and pray for her. I said, "Lord, I'm not used to praying for people in public."

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 Don’t Grow Weary! Invigorating Power Is On The Way!

 Bobby Conner
Prepare to Pray! 
Come Into Agreement With Paul’s Prayer!
Many saints are falling prey to weariness, however God has Divine strategy to overcome exhaustion and spiritual fatigue (see Isaiah 40:28-31). Recently, the Spirit of God said to me, “I have good news for you to share with God’s people!

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The River

Terry Duffy 
  Sitting on the riverbank just a short time ago, this word came very quickly and I knew I had to start writing and let The Spirit flow through my pen; here goes… “The river is becoming bigger,trying to burst from its banks. It is boiling, bubbling, so alive.

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 The Breath Of God

  Daneila Ion
THE BREATH OF GOD BECOMES ICE AND THE BROAD WATERS BECOME FROZEN - JOB 37:10. UPDATE: A phenomena right before our very EYES has been revealed in the NEWS less than a few hours ago. NIAGARA FALLS FREEZES over due to temp vortex. This is not something we see everyday.

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Nourishing And Flourishing In His Sovereignty  

 Mari Anne Andersen
As many of you know, each year I pray, seek, and listen to hear what the Father would say to me and to you in this coming New Year—to hear His heart for encouragement, for enrichment, and for direction

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Living Forever To Intercede

 John Belt
Hebrews 7:21
“But He, because He continues forever, has an unchangeable priesthood. Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.”
Do you ever feel like you need a spiritual bath? Sometimes

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Levels of Maturity- The Greatest Christian Life

  Rick Joyner
This week we will dig down a bit more on how important it is for every believer to have a vision of how far they can go in Christ, know where they are now, and see the next step. There are basically five levels of maturity in Christ that are revealed in the Scriptures:

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 Keep Shining

Paulette Reed
The Battle
During a trip to Haiti in May 2014, I was hit with a horrible virus called Chickungunya. Let me tell you, it was not fun. Actually, the doctors think I contracted the mosquito-borne virus twice, making matters more complicated. Following the Chickungunya came vertigo, and then several weeks later shingles came knocking on my door.

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We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

 Amanda Leonard
This may sound completely off the wall, but stay with me. I really believe that the Lord is using the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" as an allegory to reveal a much bigger picture involving the body of Christ. While we (a bunch of Kingdom believers who LOVE Jesus)

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2015 – The Year Of Roaring Lions

  Tommy Anderson  
On a Saturday afternoon in December, Mari Anne and I bundled up to join our daughter Karin Marie, her husband Roger, and our grandson Bram Alexander for an early evening visit to Brookfield Zoo. They had their “Holliday Magic” going on at that time, the main feature

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God Talks Through Money 

   Kathie Walters
A  few years ago I looked at my itinerary and realized I had a week to myself ( no ministry). I thought it would be great to go see my friend Joy Strang in Orlando. I emailed her and she said it was fine to go down.

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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear Conference 

Three day conference on March 27-29th on the campus of

Northern Illinois University in DeKalb IL.


Register NOW 

 Worship Leader Leonard Jones 


Kamran Yaraei & Priscilla Zananiri.

We will kick off with a youth night on March 26th.

 Lashawn Wainwright

For more information call 815-519-5212



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Breakthrough over the enemies attack on Resources

   Todd Bentley
I believe this is a timely and important word from the Lord. It has to do with a real battle and a promise of great victory. I'm asking you to read it and agree. Then respond in prayer together.
I received a burden from heaven that there is a real demonic attack on people's finances.

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A Remnant on the Rise 

   Elaine Tavolacci 
There was a man in the bible named Gideon who was fearful and weak in his own sight, but mighty in the eyes of God. The name Gideon means "Mighty warrior". Gideon was called to deliver Israel from the Midianites, but one day Gideon

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Restoration of Lost Inheritances

 Doug Addison  
Go with the flow
The start of something new, as the eighth month represents new beginnings this year. This is the start of the full turnaround from past years. We will begin to see promises and inheritances that were previously cut off or lost start to come back.

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Love Dissolving Limitations  (The Next Move of God)

  Ron McGatlin
For some time now many of God’s people have been expecting another great move of God. Prophets have been proclaiming it, often with an accompanying statement something like this, “A great move is coming that will bring great transformation,

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Pray for our Cities and Nation

   Mahesh Chavda
 As there are new threats of terrorism this year from the radical Islamic terrorist, let us put up a shield of protection over our cities and nation. As we turn our hearts to the Lord in this season of prayer and fasting, may God protect us from future terrorist attacks and

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            Women Arise, for your time has come! 

  Daniela Ion 
The Lord is speaking to His people and giving us instruction of what to do next. God is stirring up excellence and revelation. 
God says, " I come to fast forward my people, I will not contend with the rewind button and replay all of your past.

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North American Coalition of Prophets 

Meeting Launch  Feb 12 7 PM 

Quality inn And Suites St Charles IL

Are you called into The Prophetic? 

Host Praise Ministries Church

Guest Presenter  Jim Paul Ambassador for  Dr Russ Moyer 


Five reasons and benefits to join (COPs) North American Coalition of Prophets 

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Get Ready! The Prophetic Realm Is Increasing

  Dr. Theresa Phillips
While in prayer over 2015, the Lord burst Himself into me. I could feel the presence so very strong. I began to travail over 2015, when the Lord began to speak to me. His first words were:
At that moment, I began to sense more of the prophetic coming forth. Different spheres of prophecy for many different people. I waited.

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Dr Theresa Phillips 


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