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A New Season of Increase

Jason Hooper
  We have crossed over into a new season in God. It is a season that carries with it promises fulfilled, promotions granted and “increase” by the Spirit of God. 

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Awaken, My love. It is Time to Awaken

Victoria Boyson
  Beloved, I shared this vision with you several years ago and also in my book, His Passionate Pursuit,  but this morning the Lord showed it too me again. He said, "This is where you [we] are now!" I was so excited, I decided to hold on to the word

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Kingdom Reality Coming!

Jeff Jansen 

  There is a strong emphasis coming in this season that will quickly become the hallmark theme of all we are to become as believers. This Kingdom reality will be the cornerstone of truth that will anchor the church of Jesus Christ to its original mandate,

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Following The Wild Goose 

Kathie Walters
  I recently was  part of  a Seers conference: 
We had a great time with lots of lively hungry Canadians. There is a kind of fierceness about Canadians. I would say “ Don’t mess with them.” Ha ha.

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Be Encouraged!!

I just loved this word From Lana such Encouragement! We are getting MANY e mails from this word! 

From Lana Vawser


  The trickle of breakthrough is about to become a WAVE!
The trickle of breakthrough is about to become a WAVE!!! Momentum is increasing and breakthrough and promotion is at hand for many. Fullness!!!! Do not look at your circumstances as a gauge of your promotion or demotion.

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A New Day

 Ron McGatlin
  The glory of God is arising within a people called and destined to humbly be lifted from within and from above by a pure holy love that empowers with the very life of God in Christ by the Holy Spirit –

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The Earth Is Full of God's Glory, Part 1 & 2 

Francis Frangipane

  There are many legitimate reasons to seek God, and the Lord graciously receives them all. Yet it is only because we do not truly know Him that our motivation is primarily crisis-driven.

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Carrying Precious Cargo

Amanda Leonard

  Today 4-1-2014 I heard the Lord clearly say to me, "My children are carrying precious cargo." I began to think about the Holy Ghost ship that Ron McGatlin had seen about 6 weeks before our trip to the Outer Banks this January.

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Changing the Channel

Elaine Tavolacci
  As I was writing, the Lord quickened this word to me, which was totally different from what I intended on writing. I heard the Holy Spirit say "I am changing the channel".

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Getting Ready 

Rick Joyner
   My studies and experience in the body of Christ for the last forty plus years indicate to me that the church today is less than 10% of what God called it to be.

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A Season of Glory Change 

Chuck D. Pierce
  The overall word was "This is a season of Glory Change!" Ask the Lord about the changes coming into your life.

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Your Faith Creates Miracles

Angela Greenig 

  This month is critical. This is the month of Nisan 5774, which means “miracle,” and the meaning of 5774 means, “Door” in Hebrew.

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Unrelenting Love

Francis Frangipane

  We simply must have more of the presence of Jesus Christ in our lives. In the face of increasing wickedness in the world, human ideas have fallen short. Those who understand the hour are seeking God. Possessing more of Christ Himself is our only hope.

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Good Perspective of God With New Wine

John Belt 

  I. Intimate Knowledge of His Thoughts
 John 15:12-15
"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends.

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Graham Cooke
  At the beginning of the year we have all these wonderful intentions. We list our resolutions, and usually many of them have to do with our external self.

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 Resurrect Your Faith It's Time 

Al Thomas
  We Need To Remember That We Are Called Believers, Not Thinkers
Never in the history of the Church are so many facing times of despair and uncertainty. Others are lacking in true victory, finances, or needed healing. Basically,

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An Invitation To Intercession

Julie Meyer

  God is stirring His people to pray. God is raising up houses of prayer, prayer movements, and ministries who realize the great need for prayer and for having foundations of intercession firmly established before ministry takes place.

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To Leaders 

Paul Manwaring

  I have been reading the letters to the Corinthian church recently, and I smile to myself that I would also be writing letters to churches.

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The Winds of Refreshing and Adversity Prepare You for Your Destiny

 Susan O'Marra 
  The opening prayer:
Lord, we just press with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our strength. You said, Father, that we shall love you, with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength,

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 You're Invited! 

Please consider joining us for our next Prophetic Mentoring Retreat. The dates are May 16th-18th. We will be meeting in Kansas City, Missouri and we look forward on seeing you.

Please pass this invitation along to others who might benefit from our retreat!

Looking for a mentor? 

Do you have a desire to grow in the prophetic?
We've been involved in prophetic ministry for 20 years. We are committed to encouraging others to hear the present-tense voice of God for themselves. Our hearts are to mentor those who desire to grow in the prophetic and to model the prophetic in a healthy and Biblical way.
We are on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and we currently serve in Sozo Ministry. We have also been involved in leading a small group on Prophetic Mentoring. We have been ministry friends with James Goll (Encounters Network) for the past twenty years and have authored two books, "Keys To Understanding" and "Be Encouraged: Mentoring and the Prophetic."

What is a Mentoring Retreat? 

Our prayer has always been to gather people who are pursuing God in an ongoing, intentional, and purposeful way and help mentor them. We want to build into your life and ministry by giving you personalized attention, hands on training, and interactive learning experiences. 
We want to personally affirm and encourage you in your spiritual journey, help you get to know our ministry better, and give you the confidence in recognizing to hear God's voice.
Need More Details?
Preregistration is required. There is a limit of 20 people. Cost is $150.00 per couple and $100.00 for individuals. Payment must be made via Paypal or personal check made out to "Praiseworthy Ministry" 30 days or more prior to the retreat. Your spot will be guaranteed once payment is made. 
Lodging and meals will NOT be provided. Hotels and restaurants are nearby. The retreat location will be e-mailed to each person who registers. We will be meeting just east of Kansas City in a town called "Lee's Summit." Once you register, we will e-mail you the location and help you find nearby lodging.
John and Caryl O'Shaughnessy
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Prayer Alert for United States Locations - The Lord Says, "Shields Up!"

Warning for America ( from Elijah List)
 Cindy Jacobs 
  Several months ago I began to feel a great unease again about the safety of America. As I prayed, I felt the Lord warning me that there were attacks being planned on America

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The Word is full of promises for our lives

Keith Miller
  The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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 Love Me Where You're At

Francis Frangipane
  I have discovered that, as we seek the Lord, our most difficult periods can be transformed into wonderful breakthroughs into God's love. For me, one such season

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 Invasion of Love and Truth

Ron McGatlin
  As people of God come together, they may be coming from different places of service and activity as well as different geographical locations and cultural situations.

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If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again!

Dr Lance Wallnau 
  Bet You Didn’t Know This About Dale Carnegie!
 “Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” (Dale)

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