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We Are Portals of Heaven

 John Belt
 The other day I stumbled upon the words, "The Portals of Heaven".  It caused me to go back in time when I created the album a long... long... time ago!

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 Chicago I Am Blowing On Those Winds Of Adversity 

  Rich Darnell
Chicago you have entered a window of time in which I your Father have heard your cry. Where the winds of adversity, greed and death have prevailed for a season I am now blowing with My winds.

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 Illinois Apostolic &  Prophetic 

  Chuck Pierce 2003 
 Because Illinois is apostolic, many local expressions of my Spirit (local churches, ministries streams) - many of them are very well connected but they've not gone to the next level of the apostolic

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Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

  Amanda Leonard
 A few years ago, I remember when our band was recording in Atlanta. We were recording with a well-known Christian artist and I remember thinking it was only a matter of time that our music would be on the radio,

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 The Time Has Come

  Ron McGatlin 
The season of our opportunity to openly flow the life of God into the redemption and restoration process of this world is very short. For two millennia the seed of Christ has been planted

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 Urgent call to Pray for News Anchors  

  Bill Yount

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Signs and Understanding The Vision 

   John & Camrin Harris
Last week the Lord began to say to me, “Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, CAN YOU SEE THE SIGNS.”  God is asking the Church, His body; can we rightly discern the signs of the times

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 A Time To Act

  Jason Hooper
Now is a time to ACT on the promises of God that you have been given in times past so that you may occupy your land of promise and advance in your area of calling and destiny.

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 Keeping Your Cool
   Ben Peters
 Summer days can get pretty hot, especially in certain parts of the country and the world.  When it gets really hot, we lose patience, get irritable and feel lazy.

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A Divine Visitation Bringing God's Justice

 Paul Keith Davis
In late April, our ministry hosted a special three-day School of the Spirit meeting. On Monday, April 28, the theme of the evening service centered around "Winds of Change."

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Stop and Wrestle

 Victoria Boyson 

"Don't answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are." Proverbs 26:4. NLT

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Releasing Joy 

  Dr Paul Cox 
We were at the Niagara-on-the-Lake conference, less than one-half hour from the powerful Canadian Niagara Falls, when the Lord surprised us by releasing a being called Joy

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Becoming Like Him 

  Rick Joyner
 The only way to have a Christian worldview is to abide in Christ so that we see with His eyes, hear with His ears, and understand with His heart.

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Cast Not Away Your Confidence!

  Dr Lance Wallnau 

Do you ever struggle?

I am sometimes surprised by the heaviness that casts its shadow across my mind.

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Joshua Mills ~ New CHRISTMAS Album

Project Link HERE 

  Joshua Mills

"Christmas Miracle" 

Brand new Christmas Album with new music for the holiday season. Help me fund this project & get exclusive incentives and REWARDS..!


Brand new Christmas Album with new music for the holiday season. Help me fund this project & get exclusive incentives and REWARDS..!

Celebrate Christmas in July with me... as we complete this Holiday album that's sure to become a family favorite in your household.

The conceptual idea for this project began almost 8 years ago when I began dreaming about making a brand new Christmas album... but late last year I was approached by producer, Jack Shocklee (Beckah Shae/tobyMac/David Thulin) about finally bringing all of these ideas to life.  Several amazing doors opened for me to record in both Nashville (where the tracks are being created) and at Capitol Records in Hollywood... and for the past 6 months it feels like I've been living in a magical snowglobe... traveling in and out of recording studios lit up with stringed-lights, decorated trees and ornaments, nativity scenes and listening to non-stop Christmas music in my earbuds on the planes, and making my family sing-a-long with me every time we're driving in the car... (Lincoln and Libby are lovin it!!)..!



  Christmas has always been one of my favorite times of the year.  Although the actual origins are often debated within church circles, for me it represents a season when the whole world begins to focus on the miracle of God's love! Some of my best childhood memories are found in this season of celebration.... family gathering close together... listening to my Grandfather read the Christmas-story from the bible as we sit around the Christmas tree... the wonder of unwrapping mysterious gifts... waking up in the morning to a marshmallow world of white fluffy snow outside of my bedroom window... walking through the myriad of glittering lights in the park downtown... sipping hot cocoa... and most of all... listening to all of the beautiful music that we could only hear once a year..!!!  Pulling out old Christmas records... Anne Murray... The Carpenters... Amy Grant... turning on the car radio to hear Frank Sinatra... Bing Crosby... Brenda Lee... Nat King Cole... Dolly Parton. 


The music was magical... and still today... the music is one of my favorite parts of the season.  Shopping malls... street corners... open air markets... ice skating rinks... churches and homes... all filled with the sound of Christmas.

You know... thinking back on it now... many of the Christmas songs we sing sum-up the majority of my life message.  Songs about Christ's love... Angelic choirs... sacrificial giving... the wonder of God.  For the past 17 years I have been traveling around the world (65 nations) with the Music... the Message... and the Miracles of God's Glory.  Now it's time for me to take that message and put it into Christmas music that all people can listen to and get blessed by.  I have written a few original songs for this album... as well as recorded some holiday classics... and we will also be recording some originals that others have written.  I have carefully selected songs that will be well as contemplative worship (this album is sure to be filled with plenty of really great CHRISTMAS SURPRISES for you..!)

My dear friends and fellow recording artists; Beckah Shae, LaRue Howard, Meka King and Grace Williams will all be making a featured appearance on the album... as well as working with some of the top vocalists and musicians in the industry on this project.  The engineers on this project have previously worked with Michael Buble, Nick Carter, David Foster, Sarah Mclachlan, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and others.  We are sparing no expense... the sound and quality on this project is going to give you the best possible holiday music for years to come..!


The tentative title for the album is: "Christmas Miracle"

... and the total cost of the project is approximately $80,000.00 - we are now in the final stages, and we need to raise $33,000.00 to get this album wrapped up... and ready for Christmas delivery (actually... the official release date is expected to be October 14th 2014).  Your support will enable us to finish this project right... utilizing your funding for final recording sessions, mixing & mastering, professional photoshoots, graphic design and layout, manufacturing, remixes and music videos... along with PR and radio promotion.  The more money we raise the MORE we will be able to do to get this album in the ears of those who NEED to hear it..!

Remember... Kickstarter is ALL or NOTHING... so your pledge is important towards our success... please tell all of your friends and family about this campaign... Support HERE 

and give them a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS in July.!!!

I'm ready to give YOU a holly jolly reason to celebrate..!  I have prepared some AMAZING once-in-a-lifetime rewards for you... of course... you can pre-order the CD through funding ANY of the donor levels (as they ALL include the new album)... but there are some really neat ones... like getting your name in the liner notes... or spending the day together with me... or I will even come to your home, church, office or school (or wherever) to do a Glory meeting or sing or celebrate Christmas (the possibilities are endless)..!  You can also become an executive producer on the album... and receive your name credit on the very back cover of this soon-to-be Christmas Classic..!  I love being able to connect with you in a way I've never been able to do before..!!

My vision is that through this project, we will be able to inspire...celebrate...and spread the Glory Spirit of Christmas all around the world..!  Truly Jesus is the reason for the Season..!  I can hardly wait for you to hear what we have been working on all year long... YOU'RE GONNA LOVE IT..!!

Right now it's a miracle-in-the-making, but a wise mentor once told me "what you make happen for others... God will make happen for you."  Thank you so much for supporting this album... I pray that God will bless you in an immeasurable way even as you have blessed me.

With much love & Glory...

Joshua Mills   


Understanding Your Dreams And Visions Webinar with

Dr Barbie Breathitt

Spirit Fuel is excited to announce this LIVE online event! Join us for this special webinar from the comfort of your home or anywhere you have access to a computer. If you are unable to join us LIVE, you will still get access to the full length event in its entirety (with ticket purchase). 


Limited tickets available!

Dr. Barbie Breathitt from Breath Of The Spirit Ministries will be sharing on the topic of Understanding Your Dreams And Visions.
Reserve your spot today. This will fill up fast!


1. The Difference between dreams and visions

2. How God communicates in dreams

3. Learn a symbolic language

4. How to work with angels in dreams

5. Discover your destiny through dream interpretation

6. Soul scripting

7. The colors in your dreams are important

8. Recording dreams and waking times

Date: Monday August 11th, 2014
Time: 7:30pm Eastern Time (1 Hour Event)
Price: $15 (Includes access to the recording after Live event)
Dr. Barbie Breathitt is an experienced teacher, published author, prophetic voice, dream interpreter and healing minister. She has released God’s love, presence and breath in prisons, hospitals, streets, Europe, third world nations, television, radio and the internet. Her deepest desire is to see people fulfill their unique destiny here on earth. Barbie’s training, resources and personal ministry help others to interpret and apply the direction God gives them through encounters, dreams and visions.

 The Lord of Armies

  Francis Frangipane
 This Day We Fight! for a reason. Our nation has been under spiritual and physical attack. God has called His Church to step up, grow up, take up the sword of the Spirit

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Work Out Your Salvation

  Rick Joyner
A biblical worldview begins with knowing God, and God is love. Our highest purpose as human beings is to love God above all else, which is the easiest thing for us to do because we

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Entering Into The Thirst Of Jesus

 Ian Johnson

 As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. Psalms 42:1-2 

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 Decree for America

  Mahesh Chavda 
 As we celebrate America’s birthday, we prophesy as we pray God’s blessing for our nation. We fill the heavens with sounds of rejoicing and praise for the uniqueness of America and its call

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 Communion That Releases These 7 

  Keith Miller 

The Lord desires us to enter into a deeper level of pressing into Him, or what I call "pursuit after Him." It is a stirring of the Holy Spirit deep within that literally awakens your inner man,

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 Prepare to Fly in July 

  Doug Addison 

Breaking free from past failures and patterns is happening now. Prepare to accelerate and break free from things that have weighed you down. A positive, new “spiritual independence”

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Daniel Scalf & Danny Millwood  

Praise Ministries 

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1030 AM 

July 13 Georgian Banov

Praise Ministries Church  

761 N 17th Street Saint Charles IL 60174 


10:30 AM  COME  JOIN The FUN!! 


Prophetic Conf / School 

July 24-27 

Stece Shultz Theresa Phillips John Belt &

Praise Ministry Team



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August at Praise 

24 Year Celebration .....

Join us info Coming! 



Shock Wave!

 Amanda Leonard
 June 19th 2014, I heard in my spirit, "I am sending a SHOCK WAVE that will shake the earth. This shaking will not be measured on an earthly scale.

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When God Says, "Hold the Line"

  Theresa Phillips
I was in worship when I suddenly saw in front of me a man dressed in a Civil War uniform; then he abruptly changed into another Civil War uniform. He was wearing uniforms of both sides of the line. He stood in front of me and said, "Hold the line."

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